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Music as an instrument to promote the target region and its outstanding cultural and productive excellences

FiveTimesMusic is a company born with the aim to make music a tool able to promote the target region and its outstanding cultural and productive excellences, as well as the economic entities interested in investing in it.

FiveTimesMusic is a radically innovative business model potentially independent of public funds, which wishes to change the musical sponsoring system to a sound investment with considerable reputational and financial returns.

FiveTimesMusic is the realisation of five ambitious modules, strictly connected to each other, programmed and managed by only one company. Over the course of a year they will directly involve more than 2 million people:

  1. The Educational Program: a new format able to reach more than 216,000 students over the course of a year, three-week courses and participation at a live symphonic concert.
  2. The International Conducting Academy: a unique place of cultural exchange for different musical traditions, a place of  higher learning to prepare students for the world of work. The rediscovery of a fascinating and prestigious profession.
  3. The Symphonic Season: 18 concerts in 9 months played by the Symphonic Orchestra in order to spread and add economic value to the outstanding cultural and productive excellences involved in the project to a regional and international level.
  4. The Summer Festival: musical events and outstanding concerts located in venues of artistic and architectural signficance where the music will speak an universal language to a vast and diverse audience.
  5. Musical Weeks Abroad: to promote music and its cultural and economic values in places of interest for the Investors of the project.

FiveTimesMusic is a team of professionals with backgrounds in the arts and business, who work together to realise a dream with a common vision: music, whether classical or not, as a new glue among territories, citizens and companies. Its role is to be an engine for the economic development within society.

With the hope that the  FiveTimesMusic project can be well received, I would like to thank David Kerr, Massimiliano Mostardini and all the members of the Team for their support, dedication and enthusiasm. I also would like to thank John Leech, Noretta Conci, Francesca Ortolani, Roberto Romano and Angela di Nonno for their valuable advice.