Guido Fusco

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Guido is an expert in the design of digital environments and digital marketing strategies

Guido is a specialist in User Experience Design (design practice where the experience of a product or service is created from the needs, expectations and goals of the users; Information Architecture (IA), Interaction Design (ID), Usability) and has worked for several national and international companies as a consultant and coordinating numerous projects about the design of digital environments.

Since 2007, he has been Managing Director for Italy for Esario Internet Marketing, based in Spain (Barcelona).

Guido has a PhD in biomathematics and bioinformatics (doctoral thesis in Production and Health of Food derived from Animals: the design of a database for the organization of the genomic data of buffalo species) and is the author of monographs on planning and utilising User Experience Design (usability, information architecture and digital marketing).

He has experience as a lecturer at the University of Naples “Federico II” where he has been teaching for 8 years design of digital environments and digital marketing, and at the University of Naples “L’ Orientale” where he teaches Computer Laboratory.

Guido is vice-president of CNA Campania Nord (Confederazione Nazionale dell’Artigianato e della Piccola e Media impresa) with responsibility for ICT and company 4.0.

Guido is fluent in Italian and English.